5 Reasons CBD Improves Your Sleep

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It’s a shame so many people have problems with sleep. After all, the benefits of a good night’s sleep are manifold: it boosts your immune system, strengthens your heart health and memory function, regulates weight gain and blood sugar levels, reduces stress levels and anxiety. It also helps you look better! And yet for some reason or other people just can’t seem to get enough shut-eye these days. Perhaps it has something to do with our increasingly busy schedules? Or maybe we’re not making time for bedtime rituals that help us unwind before going to sleep? Whatever the reason there is one thing we know for sure: lack of quality rest affects our moods, our mental state and physical functioning, and, in turn, our relationships.  Which is why, if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, perhaps it’s time to try taking CBD oil [or any CBD product] before bedtime?

5 reasons CBD improves your sleep

In recent years more and more people have been turning to the use of cannabinoids [specifically CBD] for a variety of reasons. So much so that the United States Food and Drug Administration recently approved a cannabis-derived drug for treating two forms of epilepsy. It’s not just the US either: as more and more countries across the world discover the benefits of CBD, people everywhere are turning to this natural product as an alternative method of pain relief, mitigating stress, ameliorating inflammatory conditions, fighting cancerous cells, reducing anxiety levels and promoting overall health.

But one of the most interesting things about CBD is that it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects; which means that there are no adverse side effects that come with using CBD products like CBD oil [or any other cannabis-related product]. Furthermore, research confirms what many people already know: CBD can help you sleep better and reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes with lack of quality rest.

If CBD really does have such a positive influence on one’s ability to fall asleep, then perhaps it is time to consider using CBD oil as a sleeping aid. Here are five reasons why taking CBD oil before bedtime might be right for you.

Prevents Insomnia

One of the most common reasons people visit the doctor is because they are having trouble falling asleep, or rather staying asleep throughout the night. Staying up late to watch TV, working on a computer, can take its toll on your body and mind, causing levels of stress that affect your ability to fall into a deep sleep. CBD can help by relaxing your mind and body, making you feel calm and even-keeled throughout the day which, in turn, will promote a better quality of sleep.

Helps with Depression

Perhaps you have heard that a lack of sleep can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety? If so then there is a good chance you know how these feelings can then lead to a vicious cycle that is hard to break free from. This is because depression and anxiety are caused by stress, which itself can be caused by lack of sleep. But there’s good news: CBD has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, making it easier for people who suffer from insomnia to finally drift off into a deep, restful sleep.

Relaxes the Mind and Body

Have you ever felt so wound-up or stressed out that you found it hard to fall asleep? Sometimes the problem is not with being unable to fall asleep itself but with staying asleep. Stress hormones can keep people in a state of perpetual arousal, making it difficult to achieve and maintain REM sleep. By helping your mind and body relax, CBD can promote the necessary changes in the brain that make falling asleep easier.

CBD has been shown to help reduce stress, fight inflammation, and promote cardiovascular health. It does this partly by inhibiting the effects of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone produced in response to stress which can cause sleep problems if your body produces too much of it. By inhibiting cortisol production, CBD helps regulate metabolism, fight insomnia and improve overall sleep quality.

CBD has a calming effect on the mind without making you feel groggy or tired. This means that when taken before bedtime, CBD helps to promote natural sleep patterns and may even block nightmares from occurring. When taken in sufficient quantities, CBD can induce a state of calmness in the user without making them feel intoxicated. And in fact, CBD induces a state of relaxation without the user feeling intoxicated in any way.

Reduces Pain

If you suffer from physical pain in the form of a chronic illness or an injury, then staying asleep can become a major challenge. This is because when your body hurts it takes more time for you to fall into a deep sleep. Furthermore, if you are in pain when you wake up, this can greatly effect the quality of your sleep throughout the night. CBD is known for its pain-relieving properties, helping people who are in physical discomfort to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

CBD is a known analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory which is why it’s often used to treat menstrual cramps and arthritis. It does this by activating adenosine receptors in the body. When these receptors are activated, they produce analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects which help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. CBD has also been shown to be effective in treating nausea and vomiting which may disrupt sleep patterns.

Can be Used for Medicinal Purposes

Finally, another reason that taking CBD oil before bedtime might be beneficial to you is because it can help you with a variety of health problems. Ranging from inflammatory conditions to absent-mindedness, CBD has been shown to have a positive influence on one’s ability to fall asleep. It is even known for its anti-cancer benefits, making it possible for people who are experiencing the debilitating side effects of cancer treatment to find relief in sleep once again.

As mentioned above, CBD has many beneficial properties including the ability to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, fight inflammation, block cortisol production and relieve pain. This is why so many people are making the most of it by using it for medicinal purposes. If you’re not sure where to start you can check out our CBD Isolate Lip Balm or CBD Hemp Extract Capsules.

CBD contains no psychoactive effects 

While it won’t get you high, CBD can still relax and unwind the user. This is because CBD doesn’t attach itself to the same receptors as THC, meaning there is no psychoactive effect when using CBD before bedtime. For this reason, CBD has been deemed 100% legal in the United Kingdom and in several other parts of the world, and can even be enjoyed without prescription.

A Word of Caution

Of course, there are limitations to using CBD as a sleeping agent. For example, it is well-known that CBD can interfere with the way your body metabolizes specific drugs. If you are taking a prescription medication then it might be best to check in with your doctor before adding CBD oil to your daily routine.

In addition, always remember that everyone has unique levels of tolerance for CBD. This means that while one person might find that taking a small dose before bedtime helps them fall asleep, another person might need to take more to achieve the same effect.

Final Thoughts on CBD and Sleep

If you’re not sleeping well, making time to use CBD before bedtime could be the solution for you. Remember that using CBD has no adverse side effects (it doesn’t make you feel stoned or tired) while providing many of the health benefits associated with sleep including stress reduction, relaxed muscles, reduced inflammation, and increased relaxation.

CBD oil can be purchased online via our store and shipped directly to your doorstep, allowing you to try out this amazing product without leaving home. Shop our store today to find the perfect CBD product for you. Have questions? We're here to help!

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