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1000mg CBD Oil UK - Medium Strength CBD Oil

1000mg CBD Oil UK - Medium Strength CBD Oil

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1000mg CBD Oil UK - Medium Strength CBD.

  • Buy CBD oil 1000mg 
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  • Full spectrum of cannabinoids
  • CBD Oil for pain, sleep, anxiety and more
  • Most popular CBD strength
  • Value for money 1000mg CBD oil
  • Less than 0.2% THC, so no high effect
  • Novel Food Compliant
  • 3rd Party lab tested for guaranteed quality
  • Made from 100% natural EU hemp
  • 10ml CBD tincture / 10% strength

Without compromising on quality, NuHemp 1000mg CBD Oils are one of the best priced CBD Oils in the UK and that is a fact!

Our most popular 1000mg/10% CBD Oil is enhanced with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

With each drop of natural tasting CBD, you are receiving 5mg of high-quality CBD alongside other beneficial, 100% natural cannabinoids, including CBC, CBG, and CBN - all of which have their own therapeutic benefits and together encourage the entourage effect.

Extracts derived from hemp plants have been used safely by humans for thousands of years. Now, in modern times, we have improved CBD Oils to maximise their effectiveness in potentially reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and relieving pain, and more.

Buying 1000mg CBD Oil online has never been so easy.

Don’t you hate having to pay a ridiculous price for your  CBD oil or CBD products? Us too, that is why we created NuHemp, a London based family business with a passion for CBD.  Buying lab-tested, 1000mg CBD oil doesn't have to be expensive when you put people over profits. We have sourced quality full spectrum CBD and passed the savings on to you by taking less for ourselves. Our mission is to help those that need CBD oil without charging a lot like other brands. a Nu approach to CBD.

Should you buy UK 1000mg CBD Oil?

1000mg CBD oil is our most popular strength and we believe that you have come to our site for a reason and that is to find a possible natural alternative to traditional medicine. You may have heard about all the potential benefits linked with CBD, such as relieving pain, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and more. So it is no surprise that you want to try CBD oils.

How strong is a 10% CBD oil?

Medium strength. Our 1000mg CBD oil is a great pick for those looking to start taking CBD and is a popular choice for regular users. It packs a healthy dose of 5mg CBD per drop. 1000mg in a 10ml bottle equates to a 10% strength, with the other 90% being made up of carrier oil (the stuff that's mixed with the CBD). At NuHemp, we use 10ml bottles meaning that you receive potent bottles that aren't diluted like other larger bottles that may seem stronger but are not. 1000mg in a 10ml bottle is 3 times stronger than 1000mg in a 30ml bottle. 

We understand why you may be sceptical before buying or using CBD oils, many others are before they try CBD but the anecdotal evidence, simply can't be dismissed.

NuHemp London CBD oil is extracted from EU organically grown hemp plants that are grown naturally with no harmful pesticides before undergoing supercritical CO2 extraction. 

You've found it; premium, affordable UK CBD oil.
The CBD Oil is then independently analysed, filtered, & sterilised to ensure beautifully pure oil, free from impurities or unwanted plant matter. We then mix our CBD with MCT oil for added nutritional value. Under these conditions, we create the best all-natural CBD oils available on the UK market today that deliver a hearty serving of CBD directly to your system.

What goes into our premium 1000mg CBD oil:

Hemp Extract - 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD

Simple and natural: that’s our philosophy.

Experience the potential benefits of CBD oil drops in a choice of 5 different CBD strengths. Our CBD Oil range is available in 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2000mg or 3000mg. 

Is 1000mg/10% CBD oil expensive?

Using an average dose of 30mg a day, taking our 1000mg CBD oil would work out to be just £1.26 a day and should around 4 weeks. 1000mg CBD oil just got affordable.

buy 1000mg cbd oil uk

How much CBD oil to take?

NuHemp 1000mg CBD oils come in a 10ml glass bottle with a squeezable pipette dropper. Using CBD oil drops is one of the easiest ways of getting your dose of the best CBD into your body. If this is your first time taking CBD oil, we recommend starting with 15mg-20mg CBD per day and building your dose up gradually. The oil is simply placed beneath the tongue, as this is the best place for absorption and bioavailability of all the cannabinoids contained within the CBD oil.

CBD oil works differently with each person. It is best to experiment with portion sizes taken at different times of the day to discover what works best for you. Start low and gradually increase your dose as necessary after observing results.

Initially, only 2 drops twice per day of this CBD oil (~20mg) is the ideal amount to begin with. If the benefits are not achieved or begin to wane towards the end of the bottle, then we recommend moving on to our stronger 1500mg, 2000mg or 3000mg CBD Oils.

Bottle size: 10ml / 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil. 10% Strength

1 drop = 5mg CBD

Do not exceed 70mg a day.

3rd Party Lab Reports:
You can see the report in the photo above or in our 'Lab Reports' page. This independent certification confirms that there is no THC present in this bottle making it completely legal and safe. 

Will 1000mg CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

Our 10% CBD oils are full spectrum, this means they contain not only CBD but a wide range of cannabinoids which includes trace amounts of THC. 

Our 1000mg CBD oil has less than 0.2% THC and after continued use, a drug test may pick up on this and therefore we can not guarantee a passed drug test, neither can we accept any liability or be held liable if any issues arise from a failed test. If you are concerned about failing a drug test, we highly suggest that you speak with your tester to explain that you are taking fully legal 10% CBD oil.

FOOD SUPPLEMENT. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Should be taken as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Please consult your doctor before starting any food supplement program to determine if right for your needs.

Disclaimer: Due to UK law, all NuHemp CBD products have live Novel Food application in place which allows us to continue selling our CBD products in a compliant fashion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Josh Marshall
Good stuff

Best CBD oil on the market imo .. I use it to help with sleep and use about 5-6 drops it works great always used to wake up during the night and had trouble getting back to sleep but a few drops of this half an hour before sleep am fine

Joanne Gurney
For the menopause

I purchased a bottle of 1000mg of cbd oil as I am going through the menopause & I am currently on HRT ,but was still at times struggling with the symptoms & felt like I needed extra help. Took the time to write a review because you don't see the results straight away. I use cbd oil 3 times a day spaced out & I do think it helps my stress levels & I haven't had brain fog for a while!. Also I bite my teeth in my sleep & have noticed that if I use cbd before bed I'm not waking up with a sore jaw. Definitely going to purchase a second bottle but actually thinking of the next strength up. Have previously tried the 500mg & its not as good too much carrier oil.

Excellent product amazing communication and advice

I have been thinking of trying CBD oil for some time but everything I looked at websites I couldn't find the advice I needed. I wanted to try this for anxiety but didn't know how to begin and what dose etc.
This company answered my questions straight away and gave great advice.
I recieved my order very fast and I must say I am very impressed and will definitely buy again

Great company and good quality product

Recently purchased my first ever CBD oil item; NuHemp are a great company who act with care and professionalism, their approach generates trust and I would almost certainly use them again for CBD products. Require more time to formulate a whole opinion regarding CBD oil itself, I feel like it is helping with certain conditions, definitely better sleep and less aches generally [wrist, knees etcetera] and I sincerely hope it is not merely a placebo effect, however, I am beginning to believe there are definite benefits to CBD oil.

Matthew McGlone
Great CBD

Brilliant product all round. Highly recommended 5 *****