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CBD, or cannabidoil, is one of 100s of natural compound found in the hemp plant. It's one of many powerful cannabinoids found in hemp and is known for supporting the body and promoting wellness with the added benefit of not getting you 'stoned' or high.

Anxiety is one of the main reasons that people use CBD. Anecdotal evidence and research has found CBD to be an effective anti-anxiety agent.

While more information is needed in clinical trials, many studies have shown the benefits of CBD in managing a variety of anxiety-related disorders. Click here to read more about CBD for anxiety.

You can enjoy these delicious CBD sweets whenever you want but do bare in mind that the effects take longer when ingesting CBD this way. If you are looking to use CBD gummies for pain, then when you take them is irrelevant. If you are taking them for anxiety or sleep, then allow atleast an hour for CBD gummies to work their magic.

Because our lovely customers tell us that they are! These CBD edibles aren't like the boring standard CBD sweets, ours are like the haribo of CBD gummies.

Keeping your endcannabinoid system topped up throughout the day is key to having a successful CBD journey and these CBD gummies are perfect for a quick and easy CBD top up - oh and they're delicious too!

There is no set amount to eat but based on customer feedback, most people take 2 gummies a day. Each CBD gummy contains 20mg of CBD.

They are delicious so try to not eat them all at once!

Apart from the taste and style, there is no difference. They all contain 20mg of quality broad spectrum CBD with no THC. We have normal CBD gummies, vegan CBD gummies and sugar free CBD gummies so the choice is yours.

No, NuHemp CBD gummies will not get you high. This is because there is no THC present in our CBD gummies. There are no psychoactive properties, so you won't feel any mind altering affects. Just like all of our CBD products for sale, you're free to enjoy the wonders of CBD without worrying about getting high. 

Yes, you can take both together. A lot of our customers find this to be a great combo.

but the best cbd gummies uk

Why Buy NuHemp CBD Gummies?

We may be a little biased and we don't say it lightly but we believe we've got the best CBD gummies for sale online right now.

Say goodbye to subpar, foul-tasting CBD gummies that other CBD brands find acceptable and hello to our mouth wateringly tasty CBD gummies. 

Our CBD edibles are packed with flavour and are truly an enjoyable way of consuming CBD. We're proud to have produced proper tasty CBD sweets, gone are the days of not enjoying your self care routine.

To top it off, they are affordable too.

How to use CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are very easy to use, you eat them like any other sweet. For best results, you should consume 1-2 CBD gummies as and when required. Just like with any other CBD supplement, it's best to stay consitent.

There is no need to worry about THC either as our CBD sweets contain no THC.

Top tip: the longer you suck on the CBD sweets, the better. This improves the absorption of CBD.


CBD Gummies Common Questions

Before you buy UK CBD gummies, have a look through our FAQs below which should answer all of yours questions.

Pretty much, CBD gummies are a type of CBD edible. Another example would be CBD brownies, that would be a type of CBD edible too.

Yes, it's absolutely fine but we recommend to start with one per day, see how you feel and increase only if you feel like you need to. There's no need to take more than you need. We know they are tasty but you'd only be wasting money.

Not all of them. Our sour cherries and our Gummy Bears are vegan friendly.

Research shows that humans can easily tolerate up to 1,500mg of CBD - that's alot of CBD. Some people may experience dry mouth or loss of appetite. Overall, CBD is very safe to consume.

This depends on how frequently you use CBD and the dose you take.

CBD typically stays in our system for about 2-5 days but this range doesn't apply to everyone. For some, it can stay in their system for weeks. This is why it's important to be consistent with your CBD routine.

There is no age limit with CBD. Everyone can enjoy the wonders of CBD. So if you have a sweet tooth or don't like CBD oils, then we recommend to give our delicious CBD sweets a go.

All NuHemp CBD products, including our CBD gummies, are made from the hemp plant that is legally grown and imported into the UK. CBD products that are derived from the hemp plant contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal in the UK.

Whilst they look delicious and tempting for a child, please keep them out of their reach. CBD sweets are meant for adult use only unless prescribed by a doctor. 

When consuming CBD gummies, you can expect to feel relaxed and less anxious. Just like all of our other CBD products, you won’t get high at all. You may feel more energetic, alert and ready to face the day ahead. Taking it an hour before bed should help you fall asleep faster whilst promoting a longer, less disrupted sleep.